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Frederick Psychiatry

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What Do Patients Say About Us?

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A Patient 

I have been seeing Dr. Singhal for over 14yrs. He is intelligent about so many things and truly is invested in the care of his pts. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am today, he has helped me through my darkest times and ever changing patterns in health. Nowadays it’s hard to find doctors who are passionate about their work, who you can trust, think outside the box and truly care about their pts, Dr. Singhal is the epitome of what other doctors should strive to be like.

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A Colleague

As someone who is lucky enough to be a friend and colleague, I highly recommend Dr. Singhal. Few are able to balance the work ethic and compassion he has. I have no doubt his new practice will flourish – his work has always spoken for itself.

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A Patient 

I have been seeing Dr. Singhal for over a decade. When he was out-of-network with my insurance, I paid out-of-pocket. He is WORTH it. So many doctors prescribe medication without really knowing their patients but Dr. Singhal listens to me better than I listen to myself. When I am put on the right dosages people notice. It is a relief to feel normal and I thank Dr. Singhal for helping me get and stay there.

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A Patient 

You have been one of the greats dealing with my disorders and helping me through a lot of things in life. Thank you Dr. Singhal

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