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Frederick Psychiatry

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How do I Join a Telepsychiatry Appointment?

Please download and follow the instructions on the following page.

What is Telehealth or Telepsychiatry?

Under the guidelines from CMS (Center for Medicare Services), states allow a medical visit remotely via secure video connections.

I prefer to make in-person appointments. Why should I make an appointment via Video?

We prefer to make in-person appointments as well. However, at times due to convenience and other times due to circumstances, it may not be possible to have an in-person visit.

Are Telepsychiatry appointments available to new patients?

Yes. Telepsychiatry appointments can be made for new patients for their initial evaluation.

Are Telepsychiatry Appointments private and secure?

Telepsychiatry appointments are conducted via Simple Practice. It is a company for electronic medical records. They follow CMS recommended guidelines for these appointments and they meet HIPAA regulations for personal health information (PHI).

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